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Metrocorp | corporate social responsibility
Metrocorp corporate social responsibility.
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Corporate Social Responsibility

Giving back to the community


At Metrocorp we strongly believe in working towards enhancing the living conditions and lifestyles and primarily in the communities in which we serve.  We strive to make a positive difference through partnerships with local organisations, government and NGOs.


Lanka Mother and Child Support Foundation is a non-governmental organization established by the Metrocorp Group bearing registration No FL-130816.


The foundation addresses the educational, financial, medical, and self-empowerment needs of mothers and children affected by extreme circumstances such as poverty, poor governance and lack of resources. Current projects include the construction of child development centers, scholarships for disadvantaged children and medical assistance for disabled children.


The foundation is made of a network of business professionals with a keen interest in helping this population overcome their hardships. Most services are volunteered, which helps us keep our administration costs very low; enabling us to direct 95% of the funds received towards the projects we undertake. All funds are provided by our client base, personal donations, and crowd funding. Lanka Mother and Child Support Foundation is continuously broadening its span of work and reaching out to more mothers and children in need. To make this a possibility we welcome all our stakeholders to join us in our future endeavors.

Some of our Initiatives

Accessibility to Clean Drinking Water (2016/17)

Kyabulera Gravity Flow Water Supply Scheme services the surrounding villages of the Rwimi Small Hydro Power Project in the Kasese District, Uganda which have a total resident population of over 6,770 people residing in 2,073 households. Prior to this, residents of these villages had to travel a distance of almost 1.7 kilometres on a daily basis to fetch water for their daily consumption and sanitation purposes.

With a view to lending a hand to this unfortunate community, Eco Power Group in association with Norfund established a Gravity Flow Water Supply Scheme at a project cost of USD 127,000. This project has now notably improved the living standards of the community residing in the villages, giving them access to clean drinking water and healthy hygienic practices.

Disability Management project

Commenced in March 2015 in association with of Sligro partnering with Liliane Fonds, the project focuses on Disability Management in the estates managed by Bogawantalawa. This initiative has enabled the development of human resources required to manage the disabled children and their families by providing training for selected welfare staff of Bogawantalawa in the area of management and rehabilitation of disabled children and youth.

Milestones achieved

  • The Disability Management program has succeeded in changing the perception of the estate community at large with regard to disabilities and managed to bring out almost all of the disabled children and youth (136) out of hiding and under the preview of this project.
  • 2 regional coordinators have been specially appointed and an additional monthly payment is being provided to them to ensure the smooth operation, monitoring and monthly reporting on every child and youth who are being looked after by this program.
  • 2 boys from Loinorn Estate have already commenced work with the company after rehabilitation. Further, adolescents based on their capacity are being provided vocational training to be fairly independent for a brighter future.
  • 4 Child Development Centres have been transformed to an all-inclusive centres to accommodate the education of children with special needs.
  • Noticeable changes in the behavioural pattern of the children who are being rehabilitated and monitored by the trained Child Development officers is evident.
  • Networking with Special Schools and other stakeholders by the trained Child Development officers has provided the opportunity of obtaining government sponsorships (monthly payments) for 2 children and school admissions for few other children with special needs.
  • The disability management project has now become a day to day function for all the estates managed by Bogawantalawa rather than perceiving it as a special project.

Educational Sponsorships

Commenced in the year of 2005, Lanka Mother and Child Support Foundation in association with ALMA Tetra Pak Company began supporting the education of girls under 10 years of age who were affected by the disaster caused by the Tsunami. This initiative focuses on supporting the educational expenses of selected 7 girls while monitoring their progress and wellbeing closely till they turn 18 years of age.

Successfully being implemented for the past 12 years, now the project has almost reached its conclusion while supporting the education of the last 2 adolescents who will be completing their education in August 2017.

A safe pathway midst the Alupola River connecting two villages

Eco Power Pvt Ltd initiated the construction of the bridge in Bellangama that is 112 feet long and 3.5 feet wide midst the Alupola River connecting the upper and lower parts of the Bellangama village. This has provided safe passage midst the Alupola River for over 45 families to crossover and get about their day to day activities including schooling and medical facilities without any difficulty or danger.